Are Probate Proceedings Public Record?

Video Summary

Are probate proceedings public record? The answer is yes, they are, and that's the reason why many times, people will want to choose a trust administration rather than a probate administration. But yes, a probate administration is public record, particularly having the will admitted to probate, which shows who the beneficiaries are. The will serves as a conveyance of real estate, and so it's important to have the will admitted to probate or have it public record, so that you, when you examine the public records, know who owns the property after someone passes away. So if they don't have a will, they determine who the heirs are, to show who the owners of the real property are at their death. So, yes it is public record, and it is very necessary, particularly when it comes to titles to real property. So if you have any questions about probate and titles, well give me a call at (727)847-2288.