Litigation Services

I handle non-jury civil litigation dealing with Real Estate, which includes:
Foreclosures, Partition Actions, Evictions, and Suits to Quiet Title.

Has your home or property been condemned? Do you feel it is unjust? We can help you navigate this legal issue.

Is your neighbor claiming that you have encroached on their property? We can assist you in resolving boundary lines and related disputes.

Do you have stake in some land? Partition Action will help to set up an agreement for specific division of the land.

Using a Quiet Title will help you to recover possession of land wrongfully occupied by a defendant and also to establish a party's title to real property, or personal property having a title, of against anyone and everyone, and thus "quiet" any challenges or claims to the title.

If you find yourself accused in a civil suit, we are able to assist you in settling and litigating your defense.

At times we find we need some assistance with seeking a legal remedy before the courts. We will assist you in this process.

Has the local state, government enacted the formal act of exercising this power to transfer title or some lesser interest like property that can be taken for roads, government buildings and public utilities.

Are you in need of zoning for your property, we can assist you in dividing up the land per the guidelines for residential and industrial land planning.

A Contract Dispute may arise when one party fails to perform their side of the bargain, or a disagreement regarding any contract terms. We can set up a clear and solid understanding of every contract term and create a mutual suitable agreement.

It can be very frustrating when you are owed money and the debtor refuses to pay. We can assist with evictions and collecting money owed.

If you are interested in seeking to obtain a loan modification, we will assist you in getting the right loan modification that will work for you. This can sometime save you money.

We can defend your interests when times are challenging. If you are unable to make your mortgage payments and facing possible foreclosure, let us help you.