Corporate Services

I will discuss with you what type of business entity is best suited for you. The choices are usually a corporation or LLC. Once a corporation is formed and filed with the State of Florida, I will prepare the initial minutes for the corporation, which designates the directors and officers of the corporation, and the election to be taxed as a subchapter S corporation, which avoids double taxation of corporate income. I prepare annual minutes for any corporate clients and send them notices each year to hold their annual shareholder and director meetings. Once the meetings are held and they send me the information, I can prepare the corporate minutes. An LLC needs to have an operating agreement to designate the ownership of the LLC and who is authorized to act on behalf of the LLC. LLC’s are either member-managed or manager-managed. There are advantages to both single members and multiple members LLCs; however, a single member-managed LLC may not give the member protection from personal liability.

Minutes are an essential part to any meeting and are used as an official account of the decisions made during a board/shareholder meeting.

Have you decided to create a Corporation, we can help filing all formal paperwork, creating corporate bylaws, obtaining any licenses and permits needed for your business.

If you are looking to start your own partnership, we are able to provide you with a well-drafted partnership agreement for your needs.

Lets us take on the task and review your contracts: Annual, Biannual, Quarterly, Monthly. As these contracts are being reviewed we will help you understand your rights and obligations under these contracts and can improve consistent handling of contracts.

Buying a business? Our firm will create a purchase agreement including terms of sale, assets included in sale, manner of payments and optional clauses.

If you are considering selling your business, let us help you. We will compile the necessary documentation in preparation for your business sale.