What Happens If I Do Work Myself Without A Permit To My Home?

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What happens if I do work myself without a permit to my home?

Well, if you get caught, well, the building department would then require you to pull a permit, which they would charge you for that. You have to submit plans in order to be able to keep the work or whatever you do without the permit in place. Or, you have to take it all out and remove whatever improvements you made to the property without the permit.

The first thing you would need to do is determine whether or not you'd need a permit to do the particular work. Then, if you proceed without a permit or have someone do it that doesn't get a permit, that's the problem that you face.

Usually, un-permitted work is not discovered unless someone reports you. As far as that's concerned, they investigate a complaint, but those are the consequences if the county finds out about it and sends a code enforcement officer out to look at the property.

You don't have to let the code enforcement person in your property or on your property without a search warrant, which slows things down, but if they can see it from the road, well, that's a problem. Then they can cite you.

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