When Is The Best Time to Buy or Sell Your Home?

Video Summary

The best time to buy or sell your home? Well, usually this is driven more by your circumstances, rather than your trying to time the market, as far as that's concerned. Rather than saying, "When is the best time?" I don't know, because it depends on your circumstances. If you have time to research it, I suggest that you start looking at property, even before you actually decide, in the areas that you think that you might like, or explore that. So, the more properties you look at, and come up with the values, well, the more informed you'll be. So whenever you do find a property that you like, then you can then know what the value is. So, property you like, and also know that you're getting good value for the property. So, the more you work at it, the better it is.

As far as selling your property, it used to be that during the winter months, whenever you had more people here, from up north, that it might be a good time, or better time, to sell the property. I don't know that that really holds true, or not. I think whether or not, you probably do have more perspective buyers here, during the winter, than you do during the summer. So, as far as the best time's concerned, well, that probably is when you need a house, I guess, is the best time to buy. Buy one, and selling it is whenever you have to move, or your family's expanded, or whatever, and you have the need to move. Or, if your spouse just decides that they'd like to downsize, up-size, or just relocate, or for whatever reason, I guess that's probably the best time to go ahead and start looking for property to purchase, and location is key as to that concern.

Some of the consideration is whether it's in a flood zone. If you have children, the school district and what schools they'll be going to, is critical. Of course, with charter schools now, well, that may eliminate that, but you still have the how close are you to the school, for transportation purposes. How close are you to where you work? Unless you're retired. If you're retired, well, how close are you to what you need, such as doctors, hospitals, and things such as that, as far as your location's concerned. Also, whether the property's in a flood zone, because the cost of flood insurance could drive up the cost of your home.

So, basically, it's a subjective test. I don't think there's any bright line test, as far as the best time to buy or sell your home. So, if you have any questions, well, give me a call. It's 727-847-2288. Thank you.