Are There Any Florida Laws Involving Pets I Should Be Aware Of As A New Property Owner?


Video Summary

Are there any Florida laws involving pets that I should be aware of as a new property owner?  Well, the only time you need to worry or be concerned about the Florida laws is if you're on a gate-restricted community or on a condominium, and under those rules and regulations or the restrictive covenants of the Homeowner's Association or the declaration of condominium, they may have some restriction as far as pet ownership is concerned, the size of the dog, the type of the dog, the type of the pet that you may have.


If you own your property and you don't have a mortgage on it or even if you have a mortgage on it, that's not determinative, there's no restrictions as far as your ownership is concerned.  However, you do need to be concerned about your insurance.  Your insurance company may not write your insurance if you have what they consider a dog that may be considered a liability, such as a German Shepherd, Doberman Pinschers, Pit Bulls, and dogs of that nature, whether or not they are in fact dangerous or not, they may have a problem – you may have a problem in getting insurance 'cause they may ask you whether or not you have a pet.


But if you own cash and not worried about or even with a mortgage or – and it's not in a condominium or there's no restrictive covenants, there's no laws that have anything to do with Florida laws of having anything to do with your pets.  I would tell you though with – there is zoning requirements if you consider a pet a horse or livestock or chickens and poultry and things like that, there may be some zoning, local zoning, ordinances that prohibit the maintaining of horses or livestock.  But if you want to keep the pet inside your home, there's no restrictions as to your ability to maintain or have a pet in your home.



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