Am I Required To Allow Unattended Access Inside My Home To A Contractor?


Video Summary


Am I required to allowed unattended access inside my home by my contractor?  The answer to the question is no; however, you need to look at the consequences and are you there, or someone there at every day to provide him access.


Because your contractor's gonna want to be able to get in there and get the job done.  And so he's not gonna want to have to wait until you're at home or whatever.  Of course, if you have a contractor that hadn't shown up, and he wants to show up every three of four weeks, well it sounds like you need to get rid of your contractor and get someone else.  But you could probably write into the contract that says that he is – that you will be available or negotiate that on the front end.  And particularly if you're doing a remodeling and you're living there in your home, the answer to the question is no.


However, it may impeded the progress of your job.  But my experience says, well, that hadn't been a problem you being there to allow him access, it's been a problem of him not showing up, and then him wanting to show up whenever he wants to and then complain that he couldn't get in to do the work.  So it sounds like a problem between the owner and the contractor, and sounds we need to get a new contractor and go through that process rather than talking about access to the home.


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