Is the Housing Market on the Rise for 2015?



Video Summary


Is the housing market on the rise in 2015?  Well you are simply asking an opinion of a real estate lawyer in New Port Richey, Florida.  From my perspective, yes; the market is picking up.  The number of sales in particular, as far as the price is concerned, we are seeing some price appreciation in that you have supply and demand. 

What is also interesting is the amount of owner financing that I’m seeing involved in the sale of properties or leases with options to sell.  So from my perspective in Pasco County, New Port Richey, Florida is yes, the housing market is improving substantially and hopefully we continue to get a price appreciation.


And if you need some assistance in selling your home or closing your home, I write title insurance and also if you need some help with the owner financing I’ll be glad to discuss with you the advantages, at least with an option to purchase, and also whether or not you can take back a note and mortgage and what the downside is to owner financing.

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