Jaleh Piran-Vesseh - What are some Highlights of your Career?


Video Summary


The biggest highlight of my career thus far was assisting one of our elderly clients with saving her home.  This particular individual was in her SC.  She had been married for many, many years.  I think almost 40 years, to be exact, and her husband had recently passed away.

In the situation, her husband was the one, their entire marriage who took care of the finances, and the bills, and made sure that everything was taken care of.  So, this woman, she came to me, and she was being foreclosed on, and she was completely distraught and didn't know which way to turn, having lost her husband and also now facing losing her home.


So, this woman, I was able to successfully modify her loan, save her home, have the foreclosure lawsuit dismissed, and she is still in her home to this day, the home that she has owned now more than 40 years.  So that was probably the biggest highlight of my career, and seeing the biggest difference that I made in her life, because she was so grateful, and every time she came in, she gave me a hug, and she was just over the moon that we were able to do that for her.  That was definitely the biggest highlight of my career thus far.