Can I Pay a Family Member to Be My Caregiver?


Video Summary


Can I pay a family member to be my caregiver?  The answer is yes you can and it's called a personal services contract and is used to help qualify people for Medicaid.  If you would like to see about qualifying for Medicaid I suggest that you give my office a call and ask to speak to Jaleh or Thomas Mitchell.  They do elder law and are familiar with and can provide you with a personal services contract.  It's important that you do sign a contract for paying a relative for your personal care because if you do not, and then when you pass away, they will have a difficult time receiving any compensation from your estate for their services because they are not liquidated. We do not know how much you have agreed to pay them and furthermore it is presumed, if they are a family member that they were doing it for love rather than for money.


So, if you would like to set up a personal services contract, give my office a call and ask to set up an appointment with Jaleh and/or Mr. Mitchell and they will be glad to prepare the contract for you.


Give us a call at 847-2288.