What Are the Benefits of a Health Care Savings Account?


Video Summary



What are the benefits of a health care savings account? Well this question is probably better asked to your human resources person where you are employed. It's an alternative to providing health insurance or can be a blended arrangement whereby your employer puts a certain amount of money into your account every month. Therefore, you can use that money for any health care needs you want.


After a certain amount, which is usually a fairly high deductible, then your health insurance would kick in as far as that's concerned.  But you can use this for dental or prescription drugs, anything you'd like as far as your discretionary.


It's particularly beneficial to people who are very healthy and don't go to see the doctor very often, other than an occasional physical and don't get sick, because the money builds up in that account. And so you can use it for cosmetic surgery or dental work or whatever you would like. It's not particularly beneficial to people who have prescription drugs that are particularly expensive; usually the money that's deposited isn't sufficient to cover the amount that the employee has to pay.


So it's something that your employer does for you or to you in conjunction with providing health insurance for you. So you probably don't need to call and talk to me about this but that's my take on a health care savings account. You probably need to talk to the human resources department where you are employed and ask them to give you more information about it. And it's an alternative to your medical insurance or deductible.


So good luck with that! You can always call me about your legal needs.  It's 727-847-2288.