What Does it Mean to Record a Satisfaction of Mortgage?



Video Summary


What is the significance of recording a satisfaction of mortgage? Well, the significance is it means you paid the thing off and so that's just terrific! And so by recording a satisfaction, the lender signs it and you put it in the public record that shows that the mortgage is no longer a lien against your property. Many people talk about taking a name off of a deed or satisfying a mortgage, the way the official record books operate is you put documents in the official record books and you never take them out, and so then you simply file another document to show a change in the chain of title for whenever does a title search. 


So by recording a satisfaction of mortgage, it shows in the public records there's no longer a lien, and they usually state that the debt has been paid in full. Certainly if you do pay your mortgage off, you'll want to obtain the promissory note and ask that it be paid because it is considered sometimes a negotiable instrument so that's important to have. But the satisfaction of mortgage indicates that there's no lien on the property and does indicate that the lender has probably been paid in full. Hopefully you have a satisfaction of mortgage that you need to record, but if you have any questions about it, give me a call at 727-847-2288. 


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