How Do I Protect My Home From Nursing Homes?


Video Summary


How do I protect my home from nursing homes?  Well, this is a question I get asked quite often in that nursing homes do not take your home away from you.  Now, this is Florida specific, in that your home is considered your homestead and cannot be attached by any of your creditors.  But a nursing home is going to require payment for you to stay there, and if you have to be in a nursing home, you do need skilled nursing care.  So the question is: how do we pay the nursing home if you don't have to sell your house?  Well, that comes in as far as applying for Medicaid, and you can make application for Medicaid provided that you meet certain asset tests and income tests and your homestead property does not count as far as your assets are concerned.


So if you're concerned about your skilled nursing care and nursing homes taking your home away from you, you don't need to worry about that.  However, it might be well to do some planning as far as Medicaid planning and qualifying or being qualified to get assistance through Medicaid for your skilled nursing care.


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