Ask Thomas Mitchell: What Documents and Information Do I Need to Gather Before Filling Out a Will?


Video Summary


Good afternoon.  I’m Tom Mitchell, one of the partners here at Waller & Mitchell in New Port Richey.  And I wanted to talk with you today for a few minutes about what you need to do before you come in to make out your will.  Making out a will is very important and it’s part of your overall estate plan, so you need to go back over all of your various accounts, bank accounts, brokerage accounts, other personal property that you might have, jewelry, cars, get all that information together so that you know what you have.  While you’re doing that, it’s very important to check to see how the asset is titled.  If you have a beneficiary or it’s joint with some family member, you need to understand that that asset is going to be passed to that person by virtue of the titling.


So if you have in your will that you want your estate divided equally among your three children, but you’ve already put one child on most of the accounts, that one child is going to get most of the accounts and it’s not going to go equally to your three children.  So it’s very important to know what those account statements say as to the titling.  Bring all that information in.  We’ll go over it with you and see what you need to do to make your estate pass the way you want it to, not just your estate through your will, but your overall estate.


This is Tom Mitchell from Waller & Mitchell.  Our telephone number is 727-847-2288.  We’re located in New Port Richey.  Have a good day.