Do I Have a Right to Sell My Property if It is in Foreclosure?


Video Summary


Do I have a right to sell my property if it is in foreclosure?  You do have the right to sell your property whenever a foreclosure action is filed.  You can sell the property any time prior to it being sold in a foreclosure sale by the clerk’s office.  Presently, the foreclosure act is being concluded through a foreclosure sale online by the clerk.  So, just because you have received a foreclosure complaint does not mean that you cannot sell your property.


Many people do, and it’s usually a short sale, meaning that the lender accepts the net proceeds in full satisfaction under a mortgage, so you’re selling it for less than the amount owed.  So, don’t give up because you get served with a foreclosure complaint.  You’re still in a position to sell your property at any time.


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