How Long Does Probate Take?



Video Summary

How long does probate take?  Well it doesn’t take six years and the lawyers don’t wind up taking 80 percent of the money and the government taking the other 20 percent, so the beneficiaries get nothing.


The usual time period or, in fact, the judges require probate administrations be closed out in a one-year period or the lawyer who is handling the estate needs to give an explanation to the court as to why the estate is still open after one year.


There is a short form of probate called a summary administration that can be used and a probate administration can be concluded in approximately 30 to 45 days or even sooner than that.  That’s if you have assets of less than $75,000 which would exclude the homestead property and that there’s no creditors.  Then you can file for a summary administration and have the assets passed to the heirs.


If you have creditors or other problems, different assets, multiple beneficiaries and have to open up a formal administration with assets in excess of $75,000 or any number of creditors that’s called a formal administration and in a formal administration you have to run a notice of creditors, and that creditors period runs for three months from the date the first publication in the newspaper is published, and so the estates usually will be open from four to six months.


Now a lot depends on the beneficiaries.  If the beneficiaries want to fuss about this and start being hard to get along with or they don’t agree, i.e. a non-functional family and want to fight about it, well, all bets are off as far as how long it’s gonna take to resolve the estate.


One of the other things that’ll keep an estate open is this real estate market and trying to liquidate real estate, and that’s another problem, or dealing with various assets, or even recovering all the assets also takes some time.


So there’s any number of factors that go into the time period in order to probate an administration, probate an estate, so but the rule of thumb is if you have a formal administration you’re probably looking four to six months.  If it’s a relatively simple estate it should be closed out in a year.


If the parties want to fuss and sputter about it well then you’re looking at spending a lot of money and the lawyers will take all the money while the parties want to fight over furniture and pots and pans or – and so it’s not good when we fight.  So if you have a functional family it should be wrapped up and board at 12 months.  If you have a question about probate please give me a call at (727) 847-2288, thank you.