Thomas Mitchell -- What Are Some Highlights of Your Career?


Video Summary

Hi, I’m Tom Mitchell, one of the partners at Waller & Mitchell, and I’m here today to talk to you about some of the highlights of my career. 

I’ve had a pretty varied career.  I was an attorney in the Navy for twenty years.  I graduated from the Naval Academy.  I have had the opportunity to do two or three landings and takeoffs on aircraft carriers, which was pretty interesting.  I’ve had the opportunity to spend a year in Guantanamo Bay as the head of the legal office down there.  I’ve had the opportunity to defend a fellow that murdered two people with a claw hammer, beating their heads in.  That was pretty interesting. 

So I’ve had a pretty varied career, but I’m now doing primarily probate and guardianship work, and sometimes that isn’t as exciting as the Navy career.  (But they still don’t have JAGS that look like the ones on TV.)