When Should I Let my Home Go Into Foreclosure?


Video Summary

When is the best time to let your house go under foreclosure? Well, that’s a very subjective question, and a lot depends upon your facts and circumstances. Many people find themselves not having the option as to whether or not to let their property go into foreclosure or not, and that if they don’t have the money to make their mortgage payments – well, it’s inevitable that it will go into foreclosure.

When is the best time to do it? You need to understand the various alternatives and the consequences of a foreclosure action; or the alternative of a short sale; or the alternative of a possible deed in lieu of a foreclosure; or even attempting to do a mortgage modification. So, the answer as to when’s the best time to let your house go into foreclosure is one that depends upon your individual circumstances. If you’re unable to make your payments because you lost your job and you’ve been unable to modify your mortgage – well, you probably want to go through a foreclosure process because of the time it takes the bank to foreclose. And you may even want to research some defenses so that you can remain in your home as long as possible.

The foreclosure process, without defense, usually runs nine months to a year. If you hire an attorney to defend you in a mortgage foreclosure, that time period can be anywhere from a year to two years, or possibly longer. Of course, there’s no guarantee, and so you should consult with an attorney whenever you’re facing a problem with your property, whether the mortgage is more than the market value and you think it’s a bad investment or whether you can’t make your payments and it looks like they’re going to be foreclosing on you. So, if you’d like to discuss the mortgage foreclosure process and your various options, give me a call at (727) 847-2288. I’ll be glad to discuss those with you. Thank you.