Do I Need a Will?


Video Summary

You may wonder, Do I need a will? The simple answer is: Yes.


“But,” you may reply, “I don’t have any assets.” Whether or not that’s true, preparing a will can do more than just protect any assets currently in your name. Your will becomes effective at the date of your passing, and it is impossible to predict exactly what you will have at that time. Thus, it would be prudent to provide legal documentation in advance so that whatever you own at the time you pass will be distributed as you would have preferred.


In addition, if you have minor children, a will can and should stipulate who will care for them in the event that you pass away. You should also give consideration to how the children’s money should be cared for. In some instances the individual(s) you would like to care for the children will not be the same one(s) who you want in charge of their money.


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