What is an Easement?


Video Summary


I represent many real estate owners who many times do not understand or know what an easement is, and usually they see an easement on their survey of their property, which is a dashed line. Well, an easement is a right of someone else to use your property. Most of the time, it represents the right of a utility company or a public utility to use a portion of your property to run their utility lines, and it’s a defined area on your property that they have a right to use.


Other times, it’s for the right for ingress and egress or a driveway or access to the property. In that case, you have what they call a burdened property, where the easement runs across someone’s property, and that’s called a burdened property. And then, you have the benefitted property, which is the property who is going to benefit or gets to use the burden property to gain access to the property. So, easements have two parts; the people who have the burden or the easement that encumbers their property; and then you have the benefit, which is the people or the persons or entities who have a right to use the property.


That’s an overview of easements. They’re much more complicated than that, but that’s a brief explanation of easements. If you have any other questions about the title to your property, please give me a call at (727) 847-228. Thank you.