Excluding Someone From a Will


Video Summary


Whenever I prepare wills for my clients, from time to time I’m asked to provide a dollar for someone they do not wish to inherit from them. I always advise the client not to provide a dollar because it is almost impossible to administer that if someone has been left out of your will. Instead of leaving them a dollar, you only need to put in your will that you intentionally make no provision and you name the person or category of persons who you do not wish to inherit from you.


So, whenever you have a will drafted and you wish to exclude someone, the solution is not to leave them a dollar but to specifically provide in the will that you expressly make no provision for them. This is so that they are unable to contest the will on the basis that you forgot who they were, particularly if it’s a child or grandchild. And therefore, you simply name them in the will, that you’re not making provisions for them.


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