How Can I Avoid Probate?



Video Summary



I get asked questions from time to time about estate planning documents and the effect of a will or a trust. Many times, people are interested in, How do they avoid probate? Well, avoiding probate can be accomplished through planning. Whenever we have a husband and wife as the owners of assets, it is automatic if they hold their assets as husband and wife. That creates a tenancy by the entireties and provides the right of survivorship. If you’re alone – well, then, we can plan your estate and title your assets so that they avoid probate upon your death.


Also, you may want to set up a revocable trust whereby you place your assets in a trust and then that will provide that those assets will be distributed at your death to the designated beneficiaries without going through a probate proceeding. That would also require a trust administration, depending on the complexity of the trust and the nature of the assets. If you’re interested in planning your estate to avoid probate, please call at (727) 847-2288.