Do I Need a Health Care Surrogate if I have a Living Will?


Video Summary

Our clients commonly wonder, “If I have a Living Will, do I also need a Health Care Surrogate?” To help you make that decision, you should know that there are two occasions in life when a Health Care Surrogate takes effect.


1. If you are going to expire in the near future and you are unconscious, a Living Will can aid in determining whether life support will be discontinued. The Living Will names the person who will act as your Health Care Surrogate and will make that decision for you.


2. If you have suffered some injury or medical trauma and you are not in a position to make medical decision for yourself, a Health Care Surrogate document names the person who is legally entitled to make those decisions for you. Appointing a Health Care Surrogate in advance allows you to choose a person who you trust to make vital medical decisions in your behalf when you are not capable of doing so. That person may be called upon to make a medical choice that could save your life.


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