What Plans Can I Make For My Pets In The Event Of My Passing?

Video Summary

What plans can I make for my pets in the event of my passing? Well, you can specifically provide in your will that you leave your pet to a family member or friend who you know who wants the pet, and will take good care of the pet.

I've also had any number of clients also designate their veterinarian to leave their pet to and asked that he find a good home for them.

There is a provision if you want to provide for your pet, is to set up a pet trust that would require you to designate two people in your will or in your pet trust.

One, to take care of the pet and two, a person who would monitor the care and how much money is given to the one who cares for the pet.

So if you would like to make out a will and provide for your pet or set up a pet trust, give me a call at (727) 847-2288.