Does the Landlord Have Responsibility Of Hiring a Professional To Check For Mold If Mold Is Suspected?

Does the landlord have responsibility of hiring professional check for mold,If mold is suspected? No, I don't believe the landlord has that responsibility. If you believe the property has mold. Well, I think that you need to determine whether or not there isn't fact mold as a tenant. If you find out that there is, or that there is a leakage, which you have to have moisture in order to have mold, you can give a notice under the landlord tenant act to the landlord that he has seven days in which to correct the problem, whether it be mold or simply a leak, if they don't take care of the matter within seven days, then you have a right to terminate your tenancy, whether it be under a lease or whether it be on a month to month basis. And then you can go run a different place that doesn't have these same problems. I realized this presents certain practical problems and also economic problems, but there is no obligation on the landlord's part to do a higher professional determine whether or not there is mold present in the rental unit. If you have any questions, give me a call at (727) 847-2288