How Do I Know If the Property I Am Going to Buy Has a Lien Against It?

How do I know if the property I'm going to buy has a lien against it? Well, you insert in the contract are most contracts, particularly ones that are approved by the Florida bar and the Florida realtors provide that the seller is obligated to transfer the property to you free of any liens or in conferences. So, whenever the transaction closes any liens that are against the property should be paid off by the closing agent who serves, who will also be issuing the title insurance, the title insurance will have under its schedule. What, if any liens or encumbrances are against the property? And if you need an attorney or someone to review those, to verify or advise you of what, if any encumbrances or liens are against the property, you should retain an attorney or review those many times an encumbrance may consist of an easement deed restrictions, homeowners, associations, things such as that versus a judgment lien, usually judgment liens or liens. IRS liens are all taken care of at the time of closing. And there should not be an exception in your title insurance. So whenever you contract for the property, you will contract a habit conveyed to you free and clear, and the liens will be paid off out of the closing proceeds by your closing agent title agent. So, if you have any questions about title insurance and purchasing property, give me a call at (727) 847-2288.