Can I Fire My Real Estate Listing Agent?

Can I fire my real estate listing agent? Yes, you can. There are certain restrictions in your listing agreement which says that if you terminate it, you will be obligated to pay them a termination fee. Also, any time that you discharge them, they will be entitled to a real estate commission for any, anyone that they have introduced to the property or you have received inquiry during the listing period and they would be entitled to a real estate commission if you're, I suggest if you wish to discharge your listing agent, you discussed with them the discharge and either paid them and have a release as far as being able to list it and also asked them if they would provide you with the list of any persons whom. They have introduced the property to so that you would know if you were going to sell it on your own, whether or not you would be obligated to pay them a real estate commission. Usually you would be hiring a different real estate agent and that would be satisfactory are usually okay with the real estate listing agent if you discharge them. They don't necessarily have to release you from the listing agreement. And so if you, just because your firearm doesn't mean that they're not entitled to a real estate commission for the duration of their listing as well as their protection period after their listing expires. If you have any questions about discharging your real estate, listing agent, you have to be on call at (727) 847-2288.