How Can I Tell If Vacant Land Has a Sinkhole?

How can I tell if they can't land has a sink hole? Well, that's easy enough to answer in that you have to have it tested. They have a couple of ways of doing that, one is by radar. They can go out and see if there's any unusual configurations as far as the ground underneath you. Also, by doing a test boring many developers, whenever they buying raw land to develop it into subdivisions for residential houses, they will have a test boring and wore down to see if there is any sinkholes and of course more holes. It's the better chance you can determine if there is a sinkhole on the property. A visual inspection of the property is probably not a very good indicator. If there's a certain depressions in the property, that may be some indication of a sink hole. But if you want to be assured that there is no sinkholes before you buy vacant property, then I suggest that you contact a geotechnical company who can come out and test the property either with radar or with a test warring. If you have any questions about a sinkholes, well give me a call at (727) 847-2288.