Who Is Responsible If Someone Gets Injured on My Property?

Who is responsible if someone gets injured on my property? If you are negligent in maintaining your property, then you can be held responsible for someone's injuries. If you are not negligent and maintaining your property well, then the person who is injured needs to look to see whoever did injure them. If it's themselves, well then you should not have any liability. Although that doesn't necessarily mean that they may not try and sue you. However, you should not have any liability unless they can show that you were a negligent and maintaining your property. If you have vacant property, you should not be liable for any injury unless there is some hazard there that is, could be dangerous to people or an attractive nuisance, particularly as far as children are concerned. But if you simply maintain the property and then a trust pass or someone else who comes across your property, you may not have any liability to them as long as the property was not particularly maintained in a dangerous condition. So, if you have any questions about this and you can give me a call at (727) 847-2288.