What Is a Grant Easement?

What is a grant of easement? A grant of easement is whenever you execute a deed, does someone were in, you're giving them a right to use a portion of your property for a particular purpose. Grants of easements are usually given to your neighbor on adjacent property owner in order to allow them to go across your property to gain access, which is called ingress and egress. The grant of bees went places a burden or encumbrance on your property and in turn bestows a benefit on the neighbor's property. And it is something that runs with the land, meaning that whenever you convey the property, you convey it subject to your neighbors, right to continue to use this easement. And whenever your neighbor conveys their property, they can pay it. And with the right to continue to use the easement across your property, and that's called the benefited parcel, and it's a covenant or an agreement running with the land for both parcels. Do you have any questions about easements will give me a call (727) 847- 2288.