What If a Homeless Person Is Living on Your Vacant Lot?

What if a homeless person is living on your vacant land? You can call the police and have them come out to the property. You probably need to be present and they will remove or tell the homeless people who are there that they must leave and make them leave the property. They will give them a warning. It's called trespass after warning. So if they returned to the property, they can be arrested. The problem with this, is of course identifying them, if they did return. It's a reoccurring problem as far as your property's concern, but you can continue to call the sheriff or the police department, have them come out and have the homeless people removed. It's very doubtful that they'll be able to identify the people who they previously gave trespass notice to in order to have them arrested or if they do want to go through all the actions necessary to have the person hauled away to jail for trespass, which is a misdemeanor. So it's a practical problem that you have whenever you have homeless that are occupying your vacant property. You can also put up no trespassing signs and then authorize someone who oversees your property to call the sheriff and have the sheriff go out to the property and have the people removed, as a result of it being posted. As far as no trespassing, this concern, I would suggest that you contact the sheriff or the police department about posting your property, so that you would be able to have the sheriff go out there or the police go out there and have the trespassers or the homeless folks removed from your vacant property. This is applicable only to vacant property, and there's a different law than involves folks that are living in your property, in an improved house or shelter that you have on your property. If you have any questions about this, you can give me a call. I'll be directing you probably to the Sheriff's department, the police department. My phone number is (727) 847-2288.