What is The Uniformed Transfers To Minor Act?

What is the uniform transfers to Minors Act? That is a statute which allows an account, it can be stock, a bank account to be established in the name of a custodian for the benefit of a minor, and the account is to be held for the minor until they reach age 18. Under certain requirements or provisions, the account can be held until they're age 21. The account can be established by a grandparent and they can serve as the custodian for the minor, the income from the account, whether it be stock or a bank account, will be reported under the minor's name rather than in the custodian's name or the trustee's name. For the minor, it is a, uh, convenient way I put that, uh, sometimes in wills where you wish to leave a relatively modest amount to a minor, that you designate their one of their parents or your child to hold the money under the uniform transfers to minors act for particular for a minor. And that way it doesn't require a trust provision and is a, a simple way to have the money held until the minor reaches age 18 or possibly 21. If you want the money to be held longer than that, then you would need to, uh, put it into a trust. So if you have any questions about the uniform transfers to minors act, well, give me a call at (727) 847-2288.