Are You Required To Fill Out a Sellers Disclosure Form?

Are you required to fill out a Seller’s Disclosure Form? The answer is no. You're not under Florida law. Whenever a seller is selling residential real estate, they're required to disclose to the buyer any matters that may readily affect the value of the property, which are not readily observable. So that is the duty of the seller. To do that, most of the standard real estate contract also makes out a contract provision that you are disclosing any matters that may material affect the property. And a realtor will also require you to fill the seller’s disclosure form out since they want to be protected and not have a buyer accuse them of not disclosing matters that they knew about and that they can rely upon the seller's disclosure. a seller's disclosure is not required on vacant property or commercial property. That is a Buyer Beware and no seller disclosure is required and do not suggest the seller of commercial or vacant property, complete a seller disclosure form and further caution them about reviewing the contract and make sure it's not one of the standard residential contracts that required disclosure since that may impose additional liability on them that they ordinarily would not have. If you have any questions about selling your property and disclosing matters, will call me (727) 847-2288.