Does Florida Have Land Contracts Like They Do in Michigan?

Does Florida have land contracts like they do in Michigan? And the answer is no. Whenever you sell property in an installment basis, you must file a judicial mortgage foreclosure action. And in order to eliminate the interest of the purchaser's, interest in the property, that's whether you called it a land contract agreement for deed, or no mortgage. The Florida Supreme court has a rule that even unrecorded agreements, and when they're on an installment, sales basis, , with real property, you have to file the poor closure action. Florida is one of, I believe, seven States that has a judicial foreclosure proceeding versus a nonjudicial proceeding, which allows you to foreclose or take back your property without going through court. I received this question, periodically from people who are in the Midwest and Michigan, which are nonjudicial foreclosure States. But, in Florida you cannot have a land contract. If you do, it still has to be foreclosed, which is, I understand the primary purpose and using a land contract. So if you have any questions on how to sell your property on installment basis, give me a call at (727) 847-2288.