Should You Purchase Insurance on Vacant Land?

Should you purchase insurance on vacant land? And to the question is you should buy liability insurance for vacant land. Just to give you peace of mind that if someone would attempt to Sue you for any injury that they suffered on your land, that you would have coverage. It should be very inexpensive to obtain. You may even be able to get it included on your homeowners insurance as far as vacant property. So I suggest you talk to your insurance agent before you are liable for injury for people on your land. They have to show that you were somehow negligent as far as maintaining the property and particularly if they're trespassing or whatever, or there's an attractive nuisance as far as children's concerns such as a water body, things such as that. Also if there is anything that's dangerous about the property, chemicals or anything such as that, then you may have some liability as far as that's concerned and not safeguarding it. They give you peace of mind, I suggest that you go ahead and obtain liability insurance, which should be at a very modest cost. So if you have any questions about your vacant property, give me a call at (727) 847-2288.