Can Real Estate Titles Be in a Child's Name?

Can real estate be title and the child's name? Yes. That is a question I get asked often is that while I want to transfer this, uh, this property so that my grandchildren or my child is the owner of it, and it's usually for estate planning purposes. I caution whoever wants to do that, that once you titled it in the child's name, then if the property, if you want to sell the property, then you may be put in a position to have the child have to set up a guardianship. If the net proceeds will be more than $15,000. And then your guardianship is expensive and cumbersome and you won't have access to the money if you do put a child's name. So if you put it in the child's name and you don't sell the property until after the child reaches age 18, it's not a problem. And then the child can sign. If the proceeds are less than $15,000, then the natural guardians can sign for the child. However, the money is supposed to be held for the child until they reach age 18. So the answer is yes. However, I caution you not to do it. Give me a call if you have any questions. My phone number is (727) 847-2288.