Can I Homestead Property If I Live On the Property For 6 Months Of the Year?

Can I homestead property if I live on the property for six months out of the year? The answer to the question is not how long you reside there is whether or not you're a resident of state of Florida and that is your permanent residence. It doesn't matter how long you reside there, it only matters if it's your permanent residence when they'd be assigned for homestead exemption. You state that you are not receiving any benefits as a result of being a resident of any other state and therefore you are a permanent resident of Florida. Many times people may own a home here in Florida and they decide to get in their motor home and the drive all over the United States, so they're not here but for a few months and not very long at all. However, that's still their homestead property and that they are not getting any benefits from any other state and they're permanent resident of the state of Florida and that's their home address. One thing that I need to caution you on is if you are married, you cannot have one spouse have a homestead in one state. And you have homestead and the state of Florida that will not work and you are not entitled to homestead and could be fined if you do obtain a homestead. And the property appraiser finds out about it. If you have any questions, will give me a call at (727) 847-2288.