Can I Homestead Property in Two Different States?

Can I homestead property and two different States? The answer is no for Florida. And that whenever you sign for homestead exempt you're signing that you are a permanent resident of the state of Florida. And furthermore, that you're not receiving any benefits as a result of being a resident of any other state. It also, applies to if you're married, that neither you nor your spouse are receiving those benefits. They consider a husband and wife as one family unit so that one spouse can't get homestead in one state and the other spouse get homestead in Florida. Sometimes people query as to, well, how do they find out? Well, I don't know, but I know the property appraiser as hard at it. They've found where this one fellow was getting free parking in his town, as a result of being a resident of that town in Massachusetts. How they found out, I don't know, but they have people working on that to avoid homestead fraud. The penalties for getting homestead and having benefits elsewhere are very severe. I think the interest rates like 15%. The penalties besides the tax that you should have paid is like 50%, it's sort of like speeding. You don't want to get caught. So, I suggest don't do it. When you make application, you state that you're not getting any benefits from another state. If you have any questions, give me a call (727) 847-2288.