When Do I Use a Quit Claim Deed?

When do I use a quit claim deed? Quit claim deeds are usually used whenever there is no consideration, meaning nothing is paid to the person who signed the deed to convey whatever interest they have in the property. Most times this is to clear up any type of questions as far as a cloud on the title, meaning they may have some interest in the property so they execute a quit claim deed to clear up that they have no interest in the property. Quit claim deed simply states that I'm conveying whatever interest I have in the property, meaning that that's not saying I own anything. I don't, I may or may not have any interest in this property, but whatever interest I have, I'm transferring it to the grant T and it's usually without consideration. Many a times I get calls where people suggest that they're going to use a quit claim deed, that will cure certain title problems. And that is not the case with a quit claim deed as we first have to define what the interest of the person who signs the deed is. And to know whether or not that will cure the title problem. They are not a cure all for any type of title problems. If you have any questions about quick claim deeds or title problems, we'll give me a call (727) 847-2288