Can I Use My Parents Power of Attorney To Transfer Their Trust Assets?

Can I use my parent’s power of attorney to transfer their trust assets? The short answer to that is no. The reason is, is the power of attorney is given to the now called agent that used to be called a attorney. In fact, in their individual capacity, if they've titled particularly real estate and their name is trustee, then you must have the trustee sign the deed or transfer it in the trustee's name. And if they're not able to sign, you then need to have, the trust amended so that the successor trustee is then able to sign the documents or deed to transfer the title. But you cannot use a power of attorney, which has been executed by your parents and their individual capacity to transfer their trust desk sets. If you have a problem as far as transferring trust assets and they have a power of attorney, will give me a call at (727) 847-2288. Thank you.