When Do My Responsibilities Start As a Trustee?

When do my responsibility start as a trustee? Well, the first time it starts is if someone sets up a trust or either you or someone else and you're named as the trustee, well then, your responsibilities start away. However, you do need to accept the responsibility as a trustee. The usual scenario is, is that your parents or a loved one has set up a revocable trust for estate planning purposes. And they say who they want to receive their assets and then they name who they wish to serve as the successor trustee. And that instance, we would need a death certificate, for the person who set the trust up, which has served as a trustee. And then I would have you sign an acceptance of trustee and obtain a federal identification number for the trust so that you could then act in their capacity and distribute the assets or sell the assets of the trust, uh, for the beneficiaries and then distribute those. So your responsibilities start whenever you're named, either as the trustee or successor trustee. And the circumstances have changed as whereby the original trustee can no longer serve, whether due to incapacity or death, and then you have the option of signing an acceptance. If you don't wish to serve as trustee, you don't have to undertake those responsibilities. If you have any questions about your serving as a trustee a under a trust will give me a call at (727) 847-2288.