How Much Time Is Involved In Setting Up A Will?

Video Summary

How much time is involved in setting up a will? Well, usually the time period consists of a conference wherein you meet with myself or an attorney and give him the information as to whom you would like to leave your assets upon your death, and further who you would like to be your executor. You need to have some idea of what assets you have and how they're titled, and that drafting a will is incorporated in estate planning. Knowing how your assets are titled is important as far as knowing what the will will control since your will will not control jointly-owned assets, assets that are titled with a payable on death, life insurance or IRAs that have beneficiaries. After you have the estate planning conference, then you'll later have to come back and sign your well.

We also discuss in our well conference a living will which says that you don't want your life prolonged artificially. Also, a healthcare surrogate form where you authorize someone to receive health information too, as far as HIPAA is concerned, and to make medical decisions for you, as well as a durable power of attorney.

Give me a call if you'd like to do some estate planning and have a well-prepared my phone number's (727) 847-2288.