If You Are The Executor And The Only Beneficiary Of An Estate, Does It Have To Go Through Probate?

Video Summary

If you are the Executor and the only Beneficiary of an estate, does it have to go through probate? The answer to the question is yes.

If the Decedent owned any assets that were titled just in the Decedents name. You indicated that you are the Executor, you're the designated or person to be appointed the Executor. The Executor is something that is appointed by the court so until such time as there are probate proceedings you are simply nominated or suggested or provided for on the will to be the Executor and as the only Beneficiary, well, you have to have the will admitted to probate to show that you are in fact, the only Beneficiary so the short answer to your question is, is yes you still have to probate the estate.

Another reason why you have to probate it, even if you are the only Beneficiary is to be sure that any creditors have been paid and if the estate is very large, of course, then you need address the federal estate tax situation.

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