Should I Add An Asset To A Probate Case That Is In Summary Administration In Florida?

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Should I add an asset to a probate case that is in a summary administration in Florida? Well, a summary administration is filed whenever there is no bills outstanding and that the assets of the decedent that are titled in his name, other than his homestead, are less than $75,000, or the decedent's been deceased for two years. Once petition can order summary administration has been entered, well, that is all there is to the proceedings. So, depending on when you discover this asset that was not included in the petition, is when you can add it. If the order of summary administration has not been entered, well then you can file an amended petition to include this asset and have the order of summary administration included.

However, if you've done a summary administration and you later discover an asset then you have to file a petition to reopen the estate as far as the disposition of this other asset and whether or not you have to go through a formal administration or an amended summary administration is depending on the value of the assets.

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