Does The Personal Representative Have to Live Near Where I Live?

Video Summary

Does a personal representative have to live near where I live? And the answer is no. Personal representative can be out of state or live anywhere. They just need to be qualified, meaning that they must be either related to you, or they must live in the state of Florida. Either one can serve, and they do not have to be here. We represent any number of out of state personal representatives, and we assist them in administering the estate by hiring other people to take care of estate sales, or to clean up the property, or sell property, and they basically sign documentation authorizing this, and sign the checks to pay whoever we recommend to take care of a particular need, as far as administration of the estate. They are responsible, but they can live anywhere if they're related. So no, you don't have to live near ... the personal representative doesn't have to live near wherever the decedent lived in order to serve as personal representative. If you have any questions about estate administration, or naming a personal representative, give me a call at 727-847-2288.