How Do I Contest A Will?

Video Summary

How do I contest a will? Well, the basis in Florida to contest a will is to claim that the will was executed by someone who would lack capacity, or that they were undue influenced, or a fraud was committed on them. It is very difficult to contest a will, and there needs to be a lot of money involved in order to be able to contest a will, because it is very time consuming and expensive to do that, and to find a lawyer who will undertake a representation. Sometimes those are handled on a contingency fee basis, but really when people call, or want to do that, I ask them whether or not they have medical records that shows the person did not lack testament or capacity at the time they executed the deed, or the circumstances surrounding the execution of the deed, excuse me, of the will.

So, that is it's difficult to challenge a will, and very expensive, and if there's a whole lot of money involved, well then a lawyer may be willing to undertake it on a contingency fee basis. But my office is not in the position to do that, and so I don't handle will contest, but that's how you go about it is to contact an attorney to see about challenging the execution of will and let him know the circumstances of the decedent and their mental capacity at that time, and be able to prove it as well as what's in the estate, and who took the decedent to the lawyer. So, if you have any questions about a will contest you can give me a call at 727-847-2288.