Can I Do Probate Without A Lawyer?

Video Summary

Can I do Probate without a lawyer. There is a short form where there's two types of probated that you can do without a lawyer. One is a distribution without administration, that is where the amount of the funeral bill that you paid exceeds the amount of the assets that were in the decedents name, and you can take the death certificate and if there's a will take the will. But take the paid funeral bill to the clerks office in the probate department and tell them that you wish to have an order of distribution without administration, present them with the bank account or the asset that you wish to have transferred and that way you can do that with the clerk. It's called a distribution without administration.

You can attempt to handle a summary administration without an attorney, however there it's a little more complicated, and trying to understand how to file the forms and that's whenever the decedent did not have any debts and you sign a form saying that the assets are limited and you have all the beneficiaries sign off on it. Probably is not easy to do by yourself, but it is possible that you could do that. The probate judges in each particular county have particular aspects that they ask you to do and would probably be frustrated. You do need to have a lawyer whenever you do a formal administration, which means the assets are more than $75,000 and so it is possible for certainly very small matters. You can proceed with a probate with an attorney. So if you have any questions give me a call at 727-847-2288.