Are There Timing Considerations Involved In Starting Probate Proceedings?

Video Summary

Timing considerations involved in starting a probate proceeding. First off, as the statute says, if there's a will and you have it in your possession, you're supposed to file it with the court in whatever location or county in which the person died. Once it's filed with the clerk, does not commence the probate proceeding, and so if you do nothing, the time period for creditors to file their claims is two years so if you wait for two years to expire, you can then file what they call a summary administration to have all the assets distributed to the beneficiaries.

If you wish to undertake administration of the estate, it's whenever you contact the attorney, bring him in what the assets are, the names and addresses of the beneficiaries and the creditors' information, and then you can commence a probate administration as soon as there's a death certificate and the regional will is filed with the court.

If you have any questions about probate and the time periods involved, well-