Can A Vehicle Title Be Transferred Directly From The Deceased To A Buyer?

Video Summary

Can a vehicle title be transferred directly from the decedent's name to a buyer? The answer to that is, is that if there is a probate proceeding, well, then the personal representative can sign the title and transfer it to the buyer, but you have to have an estate administration opened in order to have the title transferred from the decedent's name into a buyer's name.

If there's no probate involved, a motor vehicle title can be transferred to his children or to his dependents, and then once it's in their name, they can turn around and sell it, and you don't have to go through probate to transfer the titles to a dependent or child. So that's one way that you don't have to go through probate, but you cannot take it directly to a buyer. It has to go into the children's name first if you don't have a probate proceeding.

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