How Am I Notified If I Am A Beneficiary?

Video Summary

How am I notified if I'm a beneficiary? If you're a beneficiary under a will that is going to be admitted to probate, the probate rules provide that you will receive a notice of administration, and you will receive the will and that will set forth that you are a beneficiary under the will. If you're a beneficiary under a trust after the person who set up the trust and you are a beneficiary then, the trustee is, under the Florida statutes, supposed to send to you a notification, and what I recommend is send you a copy of the trust. Therefore, you then know that you are the beneficiary, that you're entitled to an accounting once a year which will set forth what assets are in the trust, and then unless you get a distribution, then you no longer any right to receive the trust information.

I'm often asked how can I get a copy of the trust because the trustee isn't sending it to me, or won't tell me if I'm in it, if I'm a beneficiary. And that is very problematic because if you don't know whether you're a beneficiary or not under a trust, it's not administrated through the court system and the trust is not public information. So that is a problem when it comes to being a beneficiary under a trust, or knowing whether or not you're a beneficiary under the trust.

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